Navigating the Aftermath of Uber Accidents in Miami: Your Legal Guide

Navigating the Aftermath of Uber Accidents in Miami: Your Legal Guide

Apr 05 2024

Uber is responsible for millions of car journeys every month in Florida alone. The ride-sharing app helps people get from one place to another without relying on public transport.

Unfortunately, this rising popularity is also seeing an increase in Uber-related accidents. Passengers are becoming injured because of the sheer number of journeys being made and because many drivers are working long hours, leading to tiredness and mishaps.

In this article, you’ll learn what steps you need to take immediately after an Uber accident. You will also learn how to report the accident, the evidence you need to gather, and how Florida’s insurance laws work.

At the end, we will discuss your options for compensation, including when you should contact a personal injury lawyer specializing in Uber accidents.

Steps To Take Immediately After An Uber Accident

When an Uber accident occurs in Miami, you will feel shocked. However, what you do next is critical.

Step 1: Ensure Your Safety

The first step is to ensure your safety. Check yourself for injuries and, if possible, move to a safe location.

Immediately call 911 to report the accident and arrange an ambulance if you lose consciousness, hit your head, or can see any signs of visible injury.

Step 2: Report The Accident To The Police And Uber

Next, report the accident to the police, even if it seems minor. Filing a police report is essential because it lets you start the official record-creation process. Having the proper documents in place helps you make your case later on.

You should also report the accident to Uber. The app offers various features that let you do this, which we discuss below.

Step 2: Document What Happened

After the accident, document the scene (if you are in a fit state to do so). Things can change from when the accident happened, so having a record can help you and the police establish the order of events.

If you have your smartphone on you and it’s still working, take photos of the Uber vehicle and any surrounding cars. Approach witnesses and ask them if they would be willing to provide a statement based on what they saw. Having more people who can corroborate your claims is better.

Also, write down information about the accident on your phone or paper. Include the names of the drivers involved, the time and date of the collision, and the various parties’ insurance details.

Step 3: Seek Medical Attention

Once you have this information, seek medical attention, even if you feel well. Healthcare professionals can check you for trauma and deal with any hidden injuries, writing everything up in a report you can later use for evidence.

Step 4: Do Not Post Anything About The Accident Online

Finally, don’t discuss any of the details of the accident on social media. Doing so could hurt your case because you might divulge sensitive information or undermine your story. (Sharing photos of you looking able-bodied to friends and family could contradict other evidence you present to the court, such as your medical records).

How To Report The Accident

You can report the accident to the police by calling 911. However, you should also tell Uber what happened.

In Florida, Uber provides drivers’ insurance if they are on the app. (If they aren’t on the app, you may need to claim their personal insurance).

To tell Uber about an accident through the app:

  1. Open the app and go to the “Help” section
  2. Select “Report an Issue”
  3. Report “I was in a crash.”

Uber will then ask you to provide details so it can build a case report. The tool lets you attach photos showing evidence of the accident and add notes. You can also contact an agent by calling customer support at 1-800-354-8237 or email at

When providing details, give Uber and the police as much information as possible. Both parties will create reports detailing the events of the incident and cross-compare.

Finally, when describing events, be precise. Give exact times and circumstances to the best of your knowledge, ideally soon after the accident.

Why You Should Gather Evidence

Gathering evidence after an Uber accident is essential. Getting it right increases the likelihood of a successful compensation claim.

Establishing Fault

The first reason for gathering evidence after an Uber accident is that it can help you establish fault. For example, you can use it to prove that another party was in the wrong, whether it was the Uber driver or someone else who caused the crash.

Fault is critical in law when you want to claim for medical bills and lost wages. Proving the other party was at fault helps you recoup lost money through insurers or the courts.

Strengthening Your Case

Gathering evidence also helps you strengthen your case. Strong proof improves the likelihood of receiving substantial compensation.

Ideally, you want evidence that details the severity of your accident and injuries. Taking photos and ensuring healthcare professionals record everything is essential.

You also want to avoid contradicting your evidence. For example, never admit fault after an accident (even if you believe you were the person in the wrong).

Let the evidence dictate who was to blame. You may believe you distracted the driver, but the cause of the accident might be alcohol in their system or a mechanical problem with the vehicle. You won’t know until the investigative work is complete.

Preventing Unreliable Accounts

Finally, collecting evidence helps you prevent or avoid unreliable accounts when parties’ memories start to fade. Taking photos and writing down details prevents accounts from becoming unreliable, supporting your case and preventing possible disputes that might occur later on.

How To Interpret Florida Insurance Laws

Florida has various insurance laws designed to protect people involved in Uber accidents. However, the law isn’t always fully supportive. That means you must act prudently, understanding your actions at each stage.

According to § 316.066 of the Florida Statutes, you must contact authorities, file a police report, and document any injuries after an accident. These reports should include details of the crash, including the time, date, location, parties involved, and responding officer’s observations.

You must also seek medical assistance within 14 days of the accident to benefit from personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, according to § 627.736 of the Florida Statutes. If you don’t, you won’t qualify for these payments in a settlement.

Finally, Florida operates a statute of limitations for Uber accidents of two years. Therefore, you must file your case in that time frame, or you won’t be able to get compensation.

Florida operates a “no-fault” auto insurance system. That means that PIP covers personal injury claims up to a limit of $10.000 through your policy. However, sometimes a claim needs to go beyond this because of the severity of the injuries or the negligence of the driver.

Uber carries a $1 million liability insurance for eligible drivers and other road users to deal with this. This cover pays for expenses associated with an accident and compensation. However, it only applies when the driver is on the app. If they come off it, it is void.

You can claim beyond this coverage if you surpass the limits of PIP and Uber insurance. However, you must prove the driver’s negligence caused your injury.

When To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer Specializing In Uber Accidents

Unfortunately, you won’t always get the compensation you deserve through conventional channels like PIP and Uber insurance. Therefore, it is essential to talk to a specialized Uber lawyer.

Here are some circumstances when you might want to get in touch with us:

If Your Injuries Are Severe

The more severe your injuries, the higher the compensation you may receive (all else held equal). That’s because the cost of rehabilitation is usually significantly higher. For example, if you have neck and back injuries, you may require years of medical care.

If Liability Is Unclear

You should also contact us if you believe liability is unclear. While it might seem like you are at fault, the evidence presented to insurers and courts might say otherwise. 

If this circumstance applies, don’t admit fault. Instead, call our professionals to discuss the details of your case.

If You Don’t Want To Deal With Insurance Companies

You might also want to get in touch if you don’t want to deal with insurance companies (which can be stressful). Professionals can help you navigate the complexities of insurance policies and understand what you need to do next. Having someone there to guide you through a case increases the likelihood of success.

If You Were Denied Insurance Payouts

Finally, call if your insurance company or Uber denied you insurance payouts. Lawyers can determine whether the facts justify the denial or not.

Don’t leave it to chance. If you have been involved in an accident, contact our professionals. Find out how we can help.